Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Bangladeshi Singer Tishma

Tishma is the star of female rock music's most successful and famous in Bangladesh so far. She is also known as the "Rock Princess of Bengal" among his fansShe is a teenage singer, songwriter, composer and musician. She is also a renowned music creator, arranger, guitarist, keyboardist, singer of rap and hard rock singer. She is known as a pioneer and leading innovative Bangladeshi popular music, and is characterized by the formation of large changes in the field of pop music in his country.

Tishma has ten solo albums to date , each with success great success with record sales controlled by Sangeeta , audio tishma company to which you subscribe .The popularity of tishma parallel only in the oldest folk singer Mumtaz . Tishma made ​​his debut as a child artist with his album " Tara " in the autumn of 2002 , , the album has a number of new musical genres introduced to Bangladesh, for example , R & B , funk and ballads  tishma since. are very influential Bangla musical trends over the years .

 Many artists tried to control all aspects of tishma after seeing the huge success of tishma as innovative and experimental musician , but so far no one has to come over to his level of achieve fame and success to this date ,  and the steady stream of contributions to music , choreography , music videos, fashion, performing arts and tishma have inspired and continue to be followed by other pop singers of Bangladesh. tishma is considered a feminist icon in Bangladesh for their contributions to the evolution of women in country music .

Friday, January 17, 2014

Bd Model Singer Mithila

Mithila ( Full Name : Rafiath Rashid Mithila ) is a popular model , actress and singer in Bangladesh.Her guy is popular singer Tahsan Bangladesh . She fills in showbiz as model.Though later explored other cultural industries , such as singing and acting .

She learned from Hindol Academy of Music , Dance Benuka Academy of Fine Arts and the Lok natto act Dol Children's Theatre to sing . Mithila completed his SSC and HSC Viqarunnesa School. He then completed his studies and post - graduate degree in political science from the University of Dhaka . She also received a BA in Education from National University .Model , actress and singer Mithila Race .

Rafiath Rashid Mithila started her career as a model for Neelanjana Palli . He has performed in many TVC as a model , as Bajaj , close-up , Jui coconut oil , Robi Telecom, Merial Vaseline , Shohag Buses , Aftab food and much more . They gained huge popularity in landscaping in a very short time . Although he began his career as a model , later she settled in Bangladesh media industry as an actress and singer as well.

Mithila started her acting career with a TV drama (Bangla Natok), "Radio Shunche Ekjon Jockey'r Golpo". His notable television programs are "Housefull", "Chaiya Chaiya", "X Factor", "Proof Reader" and "Hit Wicket".

Bangladesh Actress Rafiath Rashid Mithila married the singer, actor and model Tahsan on August 3, 2006. After marriage, she released an album, "With Tahsan Mithila" as a singer. Together they have a daughter, Ayra Tehreem Khan.Apart showbiz, she works as a Program Manager at BRAC Education International, the international arm of the development organization BRAC (the largest non-governmental organization in the world). She is also a professor at the Universidad del Norte, Dhaka.


Friday, January 10, 2014

Bangladeshi Singer Tahsan

Tahsan first learned to sing and music Shishu Academy Chhayanat. He died HSC from Notre Dame College, Dhaka in 1998. He earned a BBA and MBA from the Institute of Business Administration, University of Dhaka. He won his second MBA from the Carlson School of Management at the University of Minnesota in 2010. Tahsan was a member of the band Black during 2000-2005.When he began his solo career in music.


Tahsan worked at Unilever during 2003-2004. When he began teaching at the University of East from April 2006 to June 2008. He worked at the Institute for Research in Marketing as a research assistant. As of April 2010, he taught at the University of Liberal Arts Bangladesh and now a faculty member at the University of BRAC in September 2013.

Thursday, January 2, 2014

Bangladeshi Hit Singer Kumar Bishwajit

Kumar Bishwajit is a great singer of Bangladesh. He is a singer as that remains popular after 30 years. He is a favorite singer of all older people in Bangladesh. He has hundreds of awards with only three national awards in his illustrious career.

Kumar Bishwajit raised in the district of Chittagong. He was born and spent his childhood there too. He completed his primary education from there too.


While Kumar was raised in Chittagong Bishwajit came to Dhaka for the sake of his career. He got popularity when he sang a song called "Tore Putuler Shajiye Moto Kore" in their student life. First Then he gave us some hundreds of songs memorable super hit songs too.

Kumar Bishwajit is such a rare type of musician regarding music for four decades in a row. Here we try a list of your favorite songs and albums. Let's look at his best songs, albums, and producers.

Hit Album

  1. Tumi Roj Bikele Amar Bagane
  2. Sreshto Gaan
  3. Shorgo Saaya
  4. Shishir Bindu
  5. Shikari
  6. Nil Josna
  7. Ma jononi
  8. Jekhane Shimanto Tomar
  9. Super Kumar Bishwajit
  10. Hridoyer Moyna Todonto
  11. Gontobbo
  12. Feelings of Kumar Bishwajit
  13. Ekmutho Josna
  14. Ek Kothar Chithi
  15. Dirghosshash
  16. Chokher Jol
  17. Bishader Shorolipi
  18. Biroher Akash
  19. Best Hits of Kumar Bishwajit Vol – 1
  20. Athoi Neel
  21. Anuvobe Ovimane
  22. Obosheshe
  23. Prohori
  24. Smrityr Palki
  25. Premer Avash
  26. Shopner Anagona
  27. Ekla Akash
  28. Megher Palki
  29. Drishti Vora Brishti

Saturday, December 14, 2013

Samina Chowdhury - Bangladeshi Singer

She was born in Dinajpur , Bangladesh . She is the daughter of the late singer Mahmud An Nabi and sister Fahmida Chowdhury singer.Samina began his career as a playback singer in 1981 . His debut song was ' Theke Jolchi Jonmo Magician' movie Jonmo Theke Jolchi .At the time of reproduction , was one of the conditions of his popularity , and playback singers such as Sabina Yasmin , Runa Laila Kanak Chapa and was very popular. Samina and failed to collect a good impression. In the 1990s She continued to work as a singer in the audio industry .

 Later, she sang the song " Saat Bhai Champa Jagore " in the movie " Saat Bhai Champa " . She received an average response . An interruption of playback singing came after . She concentrated on studio albums and unreleased songs called " Kabita corporates Prohor Eseche ' , ' Jodi Keu Ekbar Bhalobasto 'and' Oi Jhinukphota Sagorbelai . She returned to the song play through the song " Ami Tomar Gorur Garite Jabo Na" , a duet with Andrew Kishore . The song was picturized with Suchorita actress . Her other interpretation was " Amar Buker Moddhyekhane " .

Her performance in the game was overshadowed by Kanak Chapa in the 1990s . Some of their repertoires include Tomar Ami Jabo Na Garite Gorur , Amar Buker Mon Jekhane Hridoy Modhyekhane Sekhane Door Deepobasini , Hou Jodi Oi Neel Akash " Hridoye Likhechi Tomari Name " Amar Majhe Nei Ekhon and Ami . His career includes the song Rabindra Sangeet and Adhunik not play . Some of his songs are Adhunik Sagorbelai Amar Oi Jhinuk Phota Icche Kore , Earn Forum corporates Prohor Eseche Nirjoney Appraiser , Kate Somoy Jeno Na Phool Phool Phote Jhore etc.


They also have an album of Rabindra Sangeet in 2009 . In 2007 he was awarded the National Film Award in 2006, Ravindra Sangeet .Samina Chowdhury has also proposed some softer songs. She is working on two solo albums . Both albums are contemporary songs. I Pushpabrishti Album Songs are written and composed by Md Abdul Bari "he said. The second album entitled ' Phul Phul phote Jhore Volume 2' is a collection of his contemporary songs . She said she was not finished songs . But the songs were remade with modern instruments . 
Sanina participated in music-related shows' Agun Jhora Sondhya "on BTV and ' Atithi Bipashar ' on Bangla Vision .